About our events

 The following experience and exhibitions will be canceled.
・A part removal of touchable exhibits

Please be advised

Please refrain from visiting the museum if you have;
    cold-like symptoms; coughing, sneezing, running nose and pharyngitis.

■Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance. Please practice proper hand sanitization.
■We recommend that you are wearing a face mask in the museum.
■Please keep distance of 1-2 meters from other people.
■Please do not talk aloud.

■Please do not touch the works, display cases or walls  in the museum.

Welcome to SILK MUSEUM

Museum photos

Stairs leading to the main entrance
Main entrance of the museum
Main entrance of Silk Center Building
Elevator leading to the sub entrance
Sub entrance of the museum

1st floor of the museum

The process of silk production, from cocoon to thread
Dyeing methods such as yuzen dyeing, tie-dyeing and plant-based dyeing
experience machine weaving
Silkworms as they are being raised

Silkworms making cocoons
Silk is used often in a wide variety of native dress around the world
Modern-day kimono by contemporary artists